Why Social Media can Improve your Business

Almost 90% of all small businesses now use social media to conduct marketing and customer service. This is not a mere fad as the statistics continue to grow, which explains why social media can improve your business. What exactly are the reasons?

1. Social media platforms are the largest networks of internet users in the world.

At least 13 social media websites are actively gaining members. Using these websites for your business basically gives you access to their continuously growing network from the four corners of the globe. The good news is that social media sites continue to find ways to open more doors for businesses to conduct processes, mostly for marketing and customer service purposes.

There are also indications that integrating social media in the websites in a private blog network (PBN) lowers the chance of receiving penalties (since PBN is sometimes seen as a way to manipulate links and traffic).

2. Social media conveniently use the largest platform in the world.

All the large social media websites are mobile friendly. In fact, they have their own mobile applications to improve user experience. More people now access the internet through mobile technologies than desktop computers, so it is for the best to penetrate a network through which these technologies are geared for.

Facebook alone receives more than one billion access through mobile phones every month. Imagine what good a network that big can do to your business and to an already expanding private blog network.

3. Social media users are active every day.

More than 121 billion minutes are spent on social media every year. This is almost double of the figure five years ago, which shows how people continue to explore social media as one of the main forms of connection and communication. That is also more time than what Australians spend in front of the TV.

Facebook, the largest social media website today, has more than 1.3 billion users worldwide and more than a billion visits every month. That is definitely more than what a physical store can attract from foot traffic.
Twitter and LinkedIn are smaller than Mark Zuckerberg’s empire, but with more than 200 million users each, you surely wouldn’t even want to start complaining.

4. Social media encourage real-time response.

Immediate feedback and instant communication are important for all businesses, whether it is to maintain good relationship with customers or to conduct market research, or business-to-business transactions. Social media platforms easily provide that to anyone without any geographical limitations. The best part is that you can get all the benefits without paying a cent (except for your own internet connection, that is).

5. Social media is effective for low-cost advertising.

Aside from the basic functions social media websites offer, you can also advertise your business for a fraction of what you have to spend for traditional advertising. In Facebook alone, more than three million active advertisers are present, most of which are small businesses. Approximately 70% of them come from outside the United States, the biggest source of social media advertisers.

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